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Here you will find links to web sites that are related to MindBody issues.  These are the ones that I know about and have found useful.  If you know of others that could be listed here please send me a note.   Thanks...

Holistic Nursing Institute - Educational and Holistic outreach organization co-founded by Irene Wade Belcher and Julia Balzer Riley.  Offers programs and courses in holistic studies for nurses, other health providers, and the general public. 

AHNA - American Holistic Nurses' Association.   We believe that nursing is an art and a science and its primary purpose is to assist others toward the wholeness inherent within them.  The Purpose of the AHNA is to renew and enhance the art of nurturing and caring for the whole person.

Sigma Theta Tau - Sigma Theta Tau International is committed to fostering excellence, scholarship, and leadership in nursing to improve health care worldwide. The society promotes the use of nursing research in health care delivery and makes its resources available to all people and institutions interested in the latest knowledge in nursing care.

Nurse Healers - Welcome to the Nurse Healers-Professional Associates, Inc. We are a not-for-profit international organization whose mission is to lead, inspire and advance Therapeutic Touch, other healing modalities and healing life ways for the world community. To achieve this mission, NH-PA promotes quality TT practice teaching and research and develops programs to help members advance their knowledge and skills in the personal and professional practice of TT. We also serve as the principle clearinghouse for information on the Krieger/Kunz model of Therapeutic Touch.

Touch for Health - Touch For Health Kinesiology Association

Deepak Chopra's Web site - Look here for the latest information from one of western and ayurevedic's leaders in mindbody medicine.

The International Center for Reiki Training - The International Center for Reiki Training, a non-profit organization, offers an open flow of energy and information to assist all Reiki practitioners and Reiki teachers in doing the best job possible for themselves and their clients.  This site offers 140 web pages of information on Reiki including over 70 Reiki Articles.  You can also use the Table of Contents and the Comprehensive Outline of our web pages to find the Reiki subject you are interested in or use Search the Site to locate a specific Reiki topic. Across the USA and in a number of locations around the globe, our Center Licensed Reiki teachers present well researched and organized Reiki trainings at reasonable prices. Use our Reiki Class Database to locate the Reiki class of your choice.

Institute of Noetic Sciences - The Institute is a nonprofit research, education, and membership organization. Our purpose is to support research and education on consciousness, human potential, and personal and social transformation. Our primary activities include support for scientific and scholarly research; development of educational opportunities; publishing; collaborative inquiry on critical social issues; and support for personal and professional networking.

Healing Touch Home Page - Healing Touch is a type of alternative healing using hands-on and energy-based techniques to balance and align the human energy field. Body, mind, emotion and spirit are touched through this therapeutic process, and each individual is empowered to participate fully in his or her healing journey.

Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center
This is your resource for valuable information exchanges on Natural Health, Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Longevity, Healing Methods, and Holistic Health.

Alternative Health Search - An alternative medicine referral service and information center

Health & Healing - a Journal of Complementary Medicine

Internet Resources: Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Imagery Net - The Gersten Institute for Higher Medicine strives to provide the highest quality of medical and psychiatric care. We are holistically-oriented and aim to see the bigger picture with each patient, client, or even world event on which we may be commenting. Our overview includes body, mind, spirit plus three more.

HealthWorld Online - a 24-hour health resource center--a virtual health village where you can access the information, services and products to help design a wellness-based lifestyle. 

Alternative and Complementary Medicine Center - An explanation site for holistic modalities.


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